Life at the Extremes: The Science of Survival

Life at the Extremes: The Science of Survival

The problem of scaling the top mountain, exploring the private ocean, crossing the most popular wasteland, or swimming in near-freezing water is impossible to resist to many of us. Life on the Extremes is an engrossing exploration of what occurs to bodies in those doubtless uninhabitable environments. Frances Ashcroft weaves tales of amazing feats of persistence with old fabric and the most recent clinical findings as she investigates the boundaries of human survival and the notable variations that allow us to resist severe conditions.

What reasons mountain affliction? How is it attainable to arrive the pinnacle of Everest with out supplementary oxygen, while passengers in an aircraft that depressurized on the related altitude may lose attention in seconds? Why do divers get the bends yet sperm whales don't? How lengthy you could live on immersion in freezing water? Why do not penguins get frostbite? Will males regularly be quicker runners than girls? How a ways into deep house can a physique travel?

As she considers those questions, Ashcroft introduces a solid of striking clinical personalities—inventors and explorers who've charted the bounds of human survival. She describes many fascinating experiments and exhibits how medical wisdom has enabled us to enterprise towards and past ever larger limits. Life on the Extremes additionally considers what occurs whilst athletes push their our bodies to the sting, and tells of the striking variations that let a few organisms to reside in boiling water, in hugely acidic lakes, or deep in the course of rocks.

Anyone who flies in an plane, sails the excessive seas, is going snowboarding or strolling within the mountains, or just weathers subzero winters or sweltering summers might be captivated by means of this publication. jam-packed with clinical details, fantastically written, and filled with many desirable digressions, Life on the Extremes lures us to the very fringe of human survival.

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