Linux Networking Cookbook

Linux Networking Cookbook

Carla Schroder

This soup-to-nuts selection of recipes covers every thing you must understand to accomplish your task as a Linux community administrator, no matter if you are new to the activity or have years of expertise. With Linux Networking Cookbook, you are going to dive instantly into the gnarly hands-on paintings of establishing and preserving a working laptop or computer network.

Running a community does not imply you've got the entire solutions. Networking is a posh topic with reams of reference fabric that is tough to maintain directly, less take into accout. if you'd like a e-book that lays out the stairs for particular projects, that truly explains the instructions and configurations, and doesn't tax your endurance with never-ending ramblings and meanderings into idea and imprecise RFCs, this can be the e-book for you.

You will locate recipes for:

  • Building a gateway, firewall, and instant entry aspect on a Linux network
  • Building a VoIP server with Asterisk
  • Secure distant management with SSH
  • Building safe VPNs with OpenVPN, and a Linux PPTP VPN server
  • Single sign-on with Samba for combined Linux/Windows LANs
  • Centralized community listing with OpenLDAP
  • Network tracking with Nagios or MRTG
  • Getting accustomed to IPv6
  • Setting up hands-free networks installations of latest systems
  • Linux procedure management through serial console

And much more. each one recipe encompasses a transparent, hands-on answer with validated code, plus a dialogue on why it really works. if you have to clear up a community challenge instantly, and do not have the time or endurance to brush via reference books or the net for solutions, Linux Networking Cookbook can provide precisely what you need.

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