Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?

Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?

Thomas Frank

From the bestselling writer of What's the problem With Kansas, a scathing examine the standard-bearers of liberal politics -- a booklet that asks: what is the subject with Democrats?

It is a common trust between liberals that if merely Democrats can proceed to dominate nationwide elections, if merely these lousy Republicans are crushed into submission, the rustic might be at the correct course.

yet this is often to essentially misunderstand the trendy Democratic occasion. Drawing on years of analysis and first-hand reporting, Frank issues out that the Democrats have performed little to enhance conventional liberal pursuits: increasing chance, scuffling with for social justice, and making sure that employees get a good deal. certainly, they've got scarcely dented the free-market consensus in any respect. this isn't for loss of chance: Democrats have occupied the White condo for 16 of the final twenty-four years, and but the decline of the center type has merely speeded up. Wall highway will get its bailouts, wages hold falling, and the free-trade offers continue coming.

along with his trademark sardonic wit and lacerating good judgment, Frank's Listen, Liberal lays naked the essence of the Democratic Party's philosophy and the way it has replaced through the years. a kind of company and cultural elitism has mostly eclipsed the party's outdated working-class dedication, he reveals. For convinced favourite teams, this has intended prosperity. yet for the kingdom as an entire, it's a one-way price tag into the abyss of inequality. during this severe election 12 months, Frank remembers the Democrats to their ancient goals-the in basic terms strategy to opposite the ever-deepening rift among the wealthy and the negative in America.

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