Lonely Planet Bangkok (City Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Bangkok (City Travel Guide)

Austin Bush, Andrew Burke

Lonely Planet Bangkok

Watch the solar set while sipping a cocktail at one in every of Bangkok’s rooftop bars, and equipment up for a magic evening out in Asia’s capital of cool
Explore the labyrinthine bustle of Southeast Asia’s greatest open-air industry as you cut price for every thing from silk to spices at Chatuchak Weekend Market
Slurp up a typhoon over a aromatic bowl of world-class noodles at one of many city’s many streetside stalls
Follow the drumbeat to a temple or shrine and pleasure in conventional lá•kon gâa bon (shrine dancing)

In This Guide:

Two Bangkok insiders, 720 hours of in-depth examine at the floor, 29 certain maps, seventy five bowls of cross o•ay de e•o (noodles) eaten
Luscious colour part protecting the simplest of Thai cuisine
Unrivalled insurance of Bangkok’s diversified and colourful nightlife
stopover at the web site lonelyplanet.com/bangkok for up to date reports, updates and tourist insights

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