Lonely Planet Iran (Country Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Iran (Country Travel Guide)

Andrew Burke, Mark Elliott

Lonely Planet Iran

Pause at the Grand Stairway at Persepolis and picture trumpeters heralding your arrival
Indulge in rosewater ice cream as you walk among centuries-old bridges in Esfahan
Believe it if you happen to see it: try out the world's so much unforeseen ski resorts
Rent a room with a view in a mountain village and watch existence spread because it has for centuries

In This Guide:

Two authors, 5 months of on-the-ground study, 379 invites to tea
Packed with tips for overlanders, girls, and solo travelers
Incorporates Farsi phrases and script throughout
Get up to the moment information from different tourists at the Iran department of the Thorn Tree: lonelyplanet.com

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