Lord of All Things

Lord of All Things

Andreas Eschbach

Winner of the 2012 Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis for top German technology fiction novel, Lord of All Things can also be a narrative approximately love opposed to all odds.

They are only kids after they meet for the 1st time: Charlotte, daughter of the French ambassador, and Hiroshi, a laundress’s son. at some point, Hiroshi publicizes that he has an concept that would swap the realm. An unparalleled inspiration of ways to comb away all modifications among wealthy and poor.

When Hiroshi runs into Charlotte numerous years later, he's attempting to construct a brighter destiny via robotics. decided to win Charlotte’s love, he resurrects his youth dream, confident that he can get rid of international poverty by means of pushing the bounds of expertise past mind's eye. yet as Hiroshi circles ever toward knowing his imaginative and prescient, he discovers that his utopian dream may possibly include the seeds of a nightmare—one which can obliterate existence as we all know it.

Crisscrossing the globe from Tokyo to the hallowed halls of MIT to desolate Arctic islands and Buenos Aires and beyond—far beyond—Lord of All Things explores not just the dizzying power of expertise but in addition its bold dangers.

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