Lost Realm of Cardolan (MERP ICE #3700)

Lost Realm of Cardolan (MERP ICE #3700)

Jeff McKeage

the dominion of Cardolan encompasses all the lands among the Rivers Brandywine, Greyflood, and Hoarwell. For a time, Cardolan stood on the leading edge of resistance to the forces of the Witch-king, mounting campaigns opposed to his Orcs, Trolls, and Easterlings. these have been the times of the Royal military. Now in basic terms mercenaries and adventurers stay to dam the development of Darkness. The clash rages on, however it is a conflict of pillaging, burning vegetation, and inconclusive sieges; battle with little honor and no glory.


- THARBAD, maximum surviving paintings of the Númenórians
- LOND DAER ENEDH, Aldarion's historic seaport
- BARAD GIRITHLIN, powerful tower of the nice homes of Cardolan

Life is tough and unforgiving for the peoples of Cardolan. For people with ambition and a powerful arm it's a time of chance. The Princes of Cardolan are continuously at battle, and few mercenary bands ask for references. Sell-swords, famous for low pay and a excessive mortality cost, gas the consistent strife. For people with the next function in brain, there's continually the specter of the Witch-king and his brokers. The mightiest of the those is the noxious Warlord whose dying few could lament.

Lost Realm of CARDOLAN includes:

- 6 FULL-COLOR PAGES: four pages of Cardolan local maps plus a 2 face urban map of Tharbad
- significant LAYOUTS: entire maps of Lond Daer Enedh in the course of diversified classes, in addition to the cities of Sudúri and Metraith, the fortresses of Argond and Barad Girithlin, and the Palace of Thalion
- THE population: the Dúnedain, Eriadorans, the Clansmen of Saralann, the Beffraen, and the Northmen and Hobbits

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