Louder Than Words: The New Science of How the Mind Makes Meaning

Louder Than Words: The New Science of How the Mind Makes Meaning

Benjamin K. Bergen

Whether it’s brusque, convincing, fraught with emotion, or dripping with innuendo, language is essentially a device for conveying meaning—a uniquely human magic trick within which you vibrate your vocal cords to make your innermost innovations pop up in an individual else’s brain. you should use it to speak about all kinds of things—from your new labradoodle dog to the expansive gardens at Versailles, from Roger Federer’s backhand to objects that don’t exist in any respect, like flying pigs. And in the event you speak, your listener fills in many information you didn’t mention—the curliness of the dog’s fur or the immense statuary at the grounds of the French palace. What’s the trick at the back of this magic? How does that means work?
In Louder than Words, cognitive scientist Benjamin Bergen attracts jointly a decade’s worthy of study in psychology, linguistics, and neuroscience to supply a brand new idea of the way our minds make that means. after we pay attention phrases and sentences, Bergen contends, we have interaction the elements of our mind that we use for conception and motion, repurposing those evolutionarily older networks to create simulations in our minds. those embodied simulations, as they're known as, are what enables us to develop into larger baseball avid gamers by means of purely visualizing a well-executed swing; what permits us to recollect which cabinet the diapers are in with out having a look, and what makes it so not easy to speak on a mobile phone whereas we’re using at the road. which means is greater than simply understanding definitions of phrases, as others have formerly argued. In realizing language, our brains interact in an inventive technique of developing wealthy psychological worlds within which we see, listen, consider, and act.

Through whimsical examples and inventive experiments, Bergen leads us on a digital journey of the recent technological know-how of embodied cognition. an excellent account of our human potential to appreciate language, Louder than Words will profoundly switch the way you learn, communicate, and listen.

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