Love Sick: A Memoir of Searching for Mr. Good Enough

Love Sick: A Memoir of Searching for Mr. Good Enough

Frances Kuffel

Frances Kuffel wasn’t a Victoria’s mystery version, yet she wasn’t so undesirable. Why couldn’t she locate her Mr. correct? As Shakespeare acknowledged, the process real love by no means did run tender, yet for Kuffel, it gave the impression of one pothole after one other…

In this sharp and irreverent memoir, Frances Kuffel recollects her quest to switch her on-again, off-again lover with anyone new and ideally much less risky. Fifty-three and not married, Frances opens her brain to all chances. She is going out with an Orthodox Jew, is nearly the sufferer of a scammer, remains out all evening with a guy 20 years her junior, encounters feeding fetishes and shoe fetishes, and usually reads loads of unusual emails.

Brazenly sincere and insightful, Kuffel comes during the adventure with a brand new knowing of affection and realizes that what she desires isn't really unavoidably a knight in shining armor. She’d be completely pleased with an individual who’ll spend hours deciding to buy old teacups along with her, thinks canine aren't adequate, and needs to be in her lifestyles during the stable and the undesirable. And as soon as she eventually figures out what she’s searching for, the single problem left is to discover it…

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