Lucifer's Odyssey (Primal Patterns Book 1)

Lucifer's Odyssey (Primal Patterns Book 1)

Rex Jameson

A civil battle rages around the heavens among Lucifer and Jehovah, yet it’s no longer the tale you idea you knew...

Lucifer languishes in a mundane criminal, watching for the apocalypse that might ultimately loose him after 200,000 years. ahead of breaking unfastened, he discovers that the armageddon he set in movement will ruin the capital of Chaos, his domestic universe.

He travels again to Chaos and stumbles upon a bloody civil battle devastating his place of origin. The realm’s magic wielders are firmly lower than the keep watch over of a rival extended family, and with no their defense, Lucifer's kin is in mortal peril. As outdated demon extended family rivalries blossom and a brand new antagonistic universe expands around the identified multiverse, Lucifer is confronted with not just conserving Chaos from annihilation but additionally saving his rightful position at the throne.


Lucifer's Odyssey is the 1st e-book within the Primal styles sequence, an episodic glimpse into an alternative multiverse the place a lot of our histories and fables are premonitions of upcoming conflicts among immortals with god-like powers over fact and shadow.

Length: 91,000 phrases (370 pages in print)

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