Made to Break: Technology and Obsolescence in America

Made to Break: Technology and Obsolescence in America

Giles Slade

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If you've gotten changed a working laptop or computer lately--or a cellphone, a digital camera, a television--chances are, the previous one nonetheless labored. And likelihood is even higher that the most recent version will not last up to the single it changed. Welcome to the area of deliberate obsolescence--a enterprise version, a lifestyle, and a uniquely American invention that this eye-opening publication explores from its beginnings to its perilous implications for the very close to future.

Made to Break is a historical past of twentieth-century know-how as visible throughout the prism of obsolescence. the US invented every thing that's now disposable, Giles Slade tells us, and he explains how disposability was once in truth an important situation for America's rejection of culture and our reputation of swap and impermanence. His ebook indicates us the information at the back of obsolescence at paintings in such American milestones because the innovations of branding, packaging, and ads; the competition for industry dominance among GM and Ford; the fight for a countrywide communications community, the advance of digital technologies--and with it the avalanche of digital customer waste that may crush America's landfills and poison its water in the coming decade.

History reserves a privileged position for these societies that outfitted issues to last--forever, if attainable. What position will it carry for a society hooked on consumption--a complete tradition made to damage? This publication provides us a close and harrowing photo of ways, via settling on to help ever-shorter product lives we may be shortening the way forward for our lifestyle as well.

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