Magna Carta

Magna Carta

Dan Jones

On a summer's day in 1215 a beleaguered English monarch met a bunch of disgruntled barons in a meadow via the river Thames named Runnymede. Beset via overseas situation and household uprising, King John was once quick operating out of thoughts. On 15 June he reluctantly agreed to mend his regal seal to a rfile that may swap the world.

A milestone within the improvement of constitutional politics and the guideline of legislation, the 'Great Charter' tested an Englishman's correct to Habeas Corpus and set limits to the workout of royal energy. For the 1st time a bunch of topics had pressured an English king to conform to a rfile that constrained his powers by means of legislation and guarded their rights.

Dan Jones's dependent and authoritative narrative of the making and legacy of Magna Carta is amplified via profiles of the barons who secured it and a whole textual content of the constitution in either Latin and English.

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