Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future

Man After Man: An Anthropology of the Future

Dougal Dixon

what's our destiny? Will the human race exist in a 1,000 years time? In 10,000 years? In a 100,000 years time? if this is the case, what is going to we glance like and the way can we behave? How do we have constructed or tailored, and why? what's going to be the impression of that vary on different animals?

At current, guy as a species is open air evolution - supported by means of a sophisticated know-how that shapes nature to slot the non permanent standards of Homo sapiens. yet can previous age, sickness and the strain of evolution be held at bay for ever through medication and science?

Man After guy is an illustrated anthropology of the longer term. It indicates how the human race may evolve clearly or be tailored to stand lifestyles below the ocean or in house. and the way the descendants of Homo sapiens may well meet the cruel problem of a brand new ice age or the adversarial stipulations imposed by way of the greenhouse impression, ozone depletion or magnetic reversal.

Dougal Dixon offers a reputable account of human evolution in destiny centuries. even though unique and thought-provoking, the illustrations are biologically actual and strictly in the bounds of the genetically and scientifically attainable.

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