Mars Direct: Space Exploration, the Red Planet, and the Human Future: A Special from Tarcher/ Penguin

Mars Direct: Space Exploration, the Red Planet, and the Human Future: A Special from Tarcher/ Penguin

“Bob Zubrin rather, approximately by myself, replaced our considering in this issue.”

—Carl Sagan, The Denver Post

If you ever daydream approximately house go back and forth and human house flight—or wish to 1 day rove the purple Planet along Curiosity—then MARS DIRECT will educate you the way we will get there

The human race is at a crossroads. within the coming many years, we'll make judgements relating to our human spaceflight application that might bring about one among widely used futures: the open universe of Star Trek, where we let ourselves the chance to unfold our wings and try and flourish as an interplanetary species—or the closed, dystopian, and eventually self-destructive global of Soylent Green, continuously at conflict with each other over humanity’s “limited” assets. If we plan to outlive ourselves and in the future commute to the celebs, the human race’s subsequent stepping-stone needs to be a manned project to and the eventual colonization of Mars.

In this four-part e-special, Mars Society founder Dr. Robert Zubrin information the demanding situations of a manned Earth-to-Mars venture. demanding situations which, in accordance with Zubrin, we're technologically extra ready to beat than the hindrances of the missions to the moon of the sixties and seventies. Dr. Zubrin’s particularly easy plan, known as Mars Direct, may perhaps feasibly have people at the floor of Mars inside a decade. Zubrin additionally discusses the present challenge of NASA, the promise of privatized area flight from businesses like SpaceX, and the bigger implication in the back of absolutely the necessity to open the ultimate frontier and remodel from a planetary society into an interplanetary society. Our destiny as a species calls for us to take child steps clear of the cradle that's planet Earth or, eventually, perish here.

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