Miral: A Novel

Miral: A Novel

Rula Jebreal

Soon to be a big movie from the award-winning director Julian Schnabel, starring Freida Pinto.

WRITTEN through the much-admired Italo-Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal, Miral is a unique that specializes in outstanding girls whose lives spread within the turbulent political weather alongside the borders of Israel and Palestine. the tale starts off with Hind, a girl who sacrifices every thing to set up a faculty for refugee Palestinian ladies in East Jerusalem. Years later Miral arrives on the university after her mom commits suicide. Hind sees that Miral has the aptitude to alter the area peacefully-but Miral is appalled by means of the injustice that surrounds her, and flirts with the thought of armed resistance. Hind desperately works to cajole her to stick the process schooling, labor, and non-violent resolution-but is she too late?

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