Mother of Lies

Mother of Lies

Dave Duncan

The previous fifteen years haven't been type to Celebre, the best urban at the Florengian face of a dodecahedral international. Its partitions were breached and its Doge humiliated by way of the evil Bloodlord Stralg; all 4 of its heirs abducted and brought over the sting to Vigaelia; its Dogaressa forcibly impregnated by way of Stralg and--when her husband's well-being starts to fail--left to rule over a urban teeming with Stralg's troops. And in case you imagine Stralg is undesirable, wait till you meet his sister Saltaja, a enthusiast who sees no human fee as too nice to maintain the Hrag dynasty in strength and her goddess--evil Xaran, the mummy of Lies--appeased.

But there are a number of nice hopes for the way forward for the town: the Mutineer, Marno Cavotti, who won't stand to determine his fatherland destroyed and is massing a strong liberation circulate mere inches past Stralg's snatch. And the 4 heirs of Celebre--each with god-given services of their respective fields of artistry, wrestle, knowledge, or death--are wending their long ago over the sting to their birthplace. in fact, while Marno and the Celebre teenagers are training the typical objective of defeating the Hrags, they are all painfully acutely aware that when that hurdle is crossed just one of them can finish up at the throne.

Continuing the storyline set out in Children of Chaos, Mother of Lies is a fierce, kinetic romp that might maintain readers guessing till the final blow is dealt.

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