Murder at Mansfield Park: A Novel

Murder at Mansfield Park: A Novel

Lynn Shepherd

"Nobody, i feel, has ever came upon it attainable to love the heroine of Mansfield Park." --Lionel Trilling

In this inventive new twist on Mansfield Park, the famously meek Fanny Price--whom Jane Austen's personal mom known as "insipid"--has been completely remodeled; she is now a wealthy heiress who's spoiled, condescending, and usually hated during the county. Mary Crawford, however, is now pretty much as good as Fanny is undesirable, and suffers nice indignities by the hands of her vindictive neighbor. it is only after Fanny is murdered at the grounds of Mansfield Park that Mary comes into her personal, teaming-up with a thief-taker from London to unravel the crime.

Featuring real Austen characters--the comparable characters, and a similar episodes, yet every one with a brand new twist--MURDER AT MANSFIELD PARK is a brilliantly interesting novel that provides Jane Austen lovers an enticing new heroine and tale to learn back and again.

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