My Double Life

My Double Life

Janette Rallison

Her entire existence, Alexia Garcia has been informed that she appears similar to rock celebrity Kari Kingsley. yet being a recognized person's doppelganger hasn't became out to be the teenager myth you'll count on. humans examine Alexia like she needs to be as ditzy as her counterpart. in the future whilst Alexia's picture filters during the net, she's provided a role as Kari's double. this may appear like the potential for a lifetime--or a minimum of how to make a few quick cash--but Alexia's mom has continuously warned her opposed to celebrities. they can not be relied on. they're going to use her.

Alexia cannot face up to the siren name of popularity. Who may perhaps say no to Hollywood, sizzling men, and . . . um, did we point out sizzling men already? She flies off to L.A. and will get immersed in a celeb existence. not just does she need to get used to getting whatever she desires, she additionally romances the most popular lead singer at the charts and unearths out that her personal father is a making a song legend. via all of it, Alexia needs to remain precise to herself, that is demanding to do while you are pretending to be anyone else!

This Prince and the Pauper retelling is youngster comedy at its best.

Publishers Weekly has known as Janette's YA modern romances "Hilarious."

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