Nameless Dame: Murder on the Russian River

Nameless Dame: Murder on the Russian River

Bart Schneider

The Russian River Valley—laid-back, marijuana-steeped, and off-the-grid—is the backdrop for Bart Schneider’s new secret that includes the harsh and dogged detective Augie Boyer.

Augie takes a holiday from the chunk of one other Minnesota iciness through traveling the California abode of his longtime pal Bobby Sabbatini, who's celebrating the outlet of his poetry-infused tavern, Ginsberg’s Galley. yet Augie’s notoriety precedes him, and his arrival is met with a visit to a homicide scene. Ruthie Rosenberg, an area who has fallen right into a lifetime of medicines and dependence, has been discovered on the final Judgment Campground, shot two times within the head.

At the request of the Deputy Jesse Coolican, who’s enjoyed Ruthie for years, Augie delivers to enquire the case himself. No prior to he begins to invite questions, Augie discovers the path resulting in Ruthie’s killer—or killers—is tangled with politics, faith, bold-faced lies, and suspicious double-lives. Even his closest associates are a part of the fray.

Is Ruthie’s homicide the paintings of a copycat? An escalated assertion through the spiritual correct? merely an interloper can realize the painful truth—and Augie needs to paintings fast earlier than the insular neighborhood buries the reality deep between its ever-growing secrets.

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