"Nano" denotes a billionth; a nanometer is a billionth of a meter. New instrumentation and strategies have for the 1st time made attainable fabrics examine and engineering at this point, the size of person molecules and atoms.
Extraordinary visions of fabric abundance, extraordinary fabrics, and strong engineering functions have marked the coming of nanotechnology, in addition to dystopian eventualities of self-replicating units working amok and inflicting worldwide disaster. principally a destiny danger instead of current reality, nanotechnology has turn into a powerful cultural signifier.

NanoCulture explores the ways that nanotechnology interacts with, and itself turns into, a cultural development. subject matters contain the co-construction of nanoscience and technology fiction; the impact of probability evaluation and nanotechnology at the shapes of narratives; intersections among nanoscience as a writing perform and experimental literature on the limits of fabrication; the Alice-in-Wonderland metaphor for nanotechnology; and the results of mediation on nanotechnology and digital literature.

NanoCulture is produced in collaboration with the nano artwork express on the la County Museum of artwork (December 2003-September 2004), created by means of an interdisciplinary workforce led through media artist Victoria Vesna and nanoscientist James Gimzewski. NanoCulture is richly illustrated with photos from the nano convey, which additionally presents the foundation for an ethnographic research of collaborative approach and an exploration of adjusting suggestions of museum space.

The dynamic uniting those different views is boundary crossing: among paintings, technology, and literature; cultural imaginaries, clinical evidence, and technological probabilities; real. digital, and hybrid areas; the technology of fictions and the fictions of technology; and utopian desires, fabric constraints, and dystopian nightmares.

The first book-length research specialize in cultural implications of nanotechnology, NanoCulture breaks new floor in exhibiting the significance of the recent technoscience to modern tradition and of tradition to the advance, interpretation, and way forward for this technoscience.

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