Night Stalkers (Hunter: The Vigil)

Night Stalkers (Hunter: The Vigil)

Chuck Wendig, Justin Achilli, Richard Thomas

We proportion comparable shadows. yet that doesn’t suggest we’re an identical. They nonetheless need to die.

A moment time.

A ultimate time.

They die by means of the flame. That means, either one of us see the sunshine, if just for a moment.

This booklet for Hunter: The Vigil includes:

• An excessive check out how the undying Vigil and the immortal vampires come jointly in an everlasting struggle.

• a glance into how each one compact and conspiracy bargains with the callous depredations of vampire society. additionally information new compacts and conspiracies (including the hunters of the Cainite Heresy).

• For vampire-hunters, a group of recent strategies, advantages and Endowments (including the Cainite Heresy’s Rites of Denial). For Storytellers, a “build-your-own” vampire part that includes new ideas to use previous folklore.

• Philadelphia by means of evening: town of cohesion is besieged through the everlasting fight of vampire as opposed to vampire, hunter as opposed to hunter, and everyone as opposed to everyone.

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