Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power

Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power

Robert Dallek

Working part through facet within the White residence, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger have been of the main compelling, contradictory, and robust figures in the USA within the moment half the 20 th century. whereas their personalities may possibly hardly ever have appeared extra diverse, either have been mostly self-made males, brimming with ambition, pushed by means of their very own internal demons, and sometimes ruthless in pursuit in their ambitions.

Tapping right into a wealth of lately declassified documents, Robert Dallek uncovers attention-grabbing information about Nixon and Kissinger's tumultuous own dating and brilliantly analyzes their shared roles in enormous ancient events—including the nightmare of Vietnam, the unheard of starting to China, détente with the Soviet Union, the Yom Kippur struggle within the center East, the disastrous overthrow of Allende in Chile, and the scandal of Watergate.

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