No Return: A Novel of Jeroun

No Return: A Novel of Jeroun

Zachary Jernigan

Staring into the evening sky, the population of Jeroun name the glittering string of gadgets they see stretching prior to the moon the Needle. It’s really a set of iron spheres made via the god Adrash, his threatening ultimatum to the folk in the world below:

Prove yourselves invaluable, or be destroyed.

Vedas is a member of the Black fits, an order of fellows and ladies who express their competition to Adrash via staging battles within the streets. After witnessing the loss of life of a kid in his care and realizing himself to be liable, he units off on a trip to the decennial combating match in Danoor.

Traveling with him around the continent are Churls, a mercenary haunted through the ghost of her daughter, and Berun, a built artificial of modular spheres possessed by means of the soul of his author. either come to appreciate that Vedas's victory could commence an all-out spiritual war.

Unbeknownst to those 3 tourists, the aristocratic outbound mage Ebn and her protégé Pol are utilizing strong alchemy to commute into area, with plans to interact Adrash in ways in which threaten to convey the god’s wrath down upon the world.

No Return combines the mythic inventiveness of early Roger Zelazny and Samuel R. Delany, the darkish weirdness of China Mieville, and the epic scope of George R. R. Martin, making a literary technology fiction novel that defies effortless categorization and leading to some of the most severely acclaimed debuts of 2013.

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