Noblesse Oblige, the Book of Houses (Changeling: The Dreaming)

Noblesse Oblige, the Book of Houses (Changeling: The Dreaming)

Bryant Durrell

because the Mythic Age, the noble homes were hailed because the leaders of the fae. even though so much recognize just a little of those homes, few really comprehend them. eventually, Baron Edgewick, scribe to excessive King David, has assembled a discourse at the 5 strongest homes of the Seelie court docket. those pages are a whole dissertation and serve either as a primer for these fae new to a home, in addition to providing an insider's examine the interior workings of noble houses.

This publication bargains an within examine the 5 such a lot favourite homes of the Seelie courtroom: Dougal, Eiluned, Fiona, Gwydion and Liam. inside you can find the entire histories and cultures of every residence in addition to its perspectives at the different homes and the commoner kith.

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