Not on My Patch: A Young Wizards Hallowe'en Story

Not on My Patch: A Young Wizards Hallowe'en Story

Diane Duane

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Just one other Hallowe'en within the younger Wizards universe...

Ronan burst out giggling because the tatty darkish shapes got here lurching and miraculous nearer and toward the wizards within the darkness, bits and items sometimes falling off them as they got here. The laughter had a touch panicky side to it, even though, and after a second Ronan acquired his keep an eye on again as he reached within his costume’s tunic. “Sorry, sorry,” he stated as he pulled out whatever demanding to determine, “honestly. I simply continue watching for them to begin dancing. through any likelihood, are you men carrying?”

Nita ripped her wand out of its sheath and shook the protection spell off her appeal bracelet. equipment threw his plastic sword away and pulled his wand out too. “Time to make a stand,” Nita stated. “We allow It reduce to rubble Hallowe’en, it’ll be coming after Hanukkah or Christmas next!” She whispered a few phrases within the Speech, and the rowan wand blazed with prepared power.

“You pay attention me?” Nita yelled, not only on the shambling undead yet on the amused energy accountable for them and possibly gazing this entire factor. “I am taking Hallowe’en again, and also you will not be getting away with this! now not on my patch!”

In this 14,000-word novelette, written for UNICEF's sixtieth annual "Trick or deal with for UNICEF" crusade, we tag in addition to Nita Callahan, equipment Rodriguez, Ronan Nolan, and Dairine Callahan as they perform a little overage Trick or Treating of their personal local, and locate themselves going up opposed to an outdated adversary with a unusual new ally...

This tale hasn't ever seemed at any place, both in print or on-line, ahead of overdue October 2011. it is going to be the "October" access within the upcoming younger Wizards brief fiction anthology, The Wizards' 12 months, to be released by way of Badfort Press past due in 2012.

50% of all earnings from "Not On My Patch" visit UNICEF.

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