Nothing: Surprising Insights Everywhere from Zero to Oblivion

Nothing: Surprising Insights Everywhere from Zero to Oblivion

New Scientist

Incredible discoveries from the fringes of the universe to the internal workings of our minds—all from nothing!

It seems that just about not anything is as curious—or as enlightening—as, good, not anything. what's nothingness? the place can or not it's came upon? The writers of the world's top-selling technology journal investigate—from the massive bang, darkish power, and the void to superconductors, vestigial organs, hypnosis, and the placebo effect—and notice that figuring out not anything could be the key to knowing everything:

What got here sooner than the massive bang, and should our universe end?
How may well cooling subject down virtually to absolute 0 aid resolve our strength crisis?
How can an individual be afflicted by a fake prognosis as if it have been true?
Does nothingness even exist? fresh experiments recommend that squeezing an ideal vacuum one way or the other creates light.
Why is it unfair to accuse sloths—animals who do nothing—of being lazy? And more!

members Paul Davies, Jo Marchant, and Ian Stewart, besides former editors of Nature and sixteen different best writers and scientists, marshal up to the moment study to make some of the most confusing geographical regions in technological know-how dazzlingly transparent. organize to be surprised at how a lot more there's to not anything than you ever realized.

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