Monte Cook

THERE were 8 earlier WORLDS.

Each international stretched throughout sizeable millennia of time. every one performed host to a race whose civilizations rose to supremacy yet finally died or scattered, disappeared or transcended. in the course of the time each one international flourished, those who governed it spoke to the celebrities, reengineered their actual our bodies, and mastered shape and essence, all of their personal precise ways.

Each left in the back of remnants.

The humans of the recent world—the 9th World—sometimes name those remnants magic, and who're we to claim they’re incorrect? yet so much provide a distinct identify to the legacies of the nigh-unimaginable prior. They name them...


Set in a much, some distance far-off destiny, the Numenera RPG places a brand new spin on conventional fable, growing whatever exact to reinvigorate the mind's eye of players all over the place. participant characters discover a global of poser and possibility to discover leftover artifacts of the previous: bits of nanotechnology, the datasphere threaded between still-orbiting satellites, bio-engineered creatures, and myriad unusual and wondrous units that defy figuring out. Numenera is set getting to know the wonders of the worlds that got here prior to, now not for his or her personal sake, yet because the capacity to enhance the current and construct a future.

With streamlined, intuitive principles, Numenera permits gamers to create characters in mins and places the emphasis again on tale instead of arduous mechanics. Numenera is the newest construction of 1 of the most important names in roleplaying video games, award-winning fashion designer and fan-favorite Monte Cook.

  • The appealing, 416-page Numenera PDF is widely cross-linked for severe ease of use.
  • Streamlined, story-based mechanics
  • The capability for avid gamers to create the nature they honestly are looking to play
  • Open-ended gameplay with a powerful narrative
  • A concentrate on secret and the unknown, filling gamers with a feeling of wonder
  • A whole evaluation of the 9th global surroundings, jam-packed with inventive rules, precious hooks, attention-grabbing characters, and wild locales
  • A bestiary of greater than fifty creatures and characters
  • Descriptions of thousands of technological items
  • Three chapters of video game learning recommendation written via one of many most advantageous specialists at the topic
  • Four adventures to kickstart any campaign
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