Numenera Character Options

Numenera Character Options

Robert J. Schwalb, Monte Cook, Shanna Germain

The personality Your Envision

Every participant desires to play precisely the personality they envision. And Numenera personality recommendations is the following to assist make that attainable! This e-book is brimming with new fabric and new offerings to aid make Numenera personality construction much more enjoyable, extra attention-grabbing, and extra weird.

Numenera personality recommendations includes:

  • More than forty new skills for every personality sort. New scuffling with strikes for glaives, esoteries for nanos, and methods of the exchange for jacks.
  • More than forty new descriptors, together with location-based descriptors to tie your personality to the surroundings of the 9th global, or even “negative” descriptors like Craven, merciless, and Doomed.
  • Dozens of latest foci, resembling Battles Automatons, Masters bugs, strikes Like a Cat, by no means Says Die, and Travels via Time.
  • New mutations for mutant characters.
  • Four new racial descriptors (including a brand new visitant variety) for avid gamers who really need to play whatever weird.
  • New concepts for development past the 6th tier.
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