Numenera Player's Guide

Numenera Player's Guide

Monte Cook, Sean K. Reynolds, Shanna Germain

Strong, Fierce Glaives. Reality-Bending Nanos. Jacks of All Trades.

The characters of the Numenera RPG are assorted and intriguing—and there are such a lot of strategies! Even once you decide to be a glaive, will you be a captivating glaive who Leads, a discovered glaive who Wields guns right now, or a swish glaive who Rides the Lightning?

Create characters, discover the environment, and research the elemental ideas during this reasonably cheap player’s substitute to the Numenera corebook. It’s ideal for buying a flavor of the sport, having an additional ideas and atmosphere reference to be had on the gaming desk, or for online game masters handy to new avid gamers. ThePlayer’s consultant is a good looking, prepared source for somebody taking part in Numenera, and a superb creation and educating device for the game.

The Numenera Player’s consultant packs much right into a 64-page package:

  • An evaluate of the intriguing 9th international setting
  • The easy principles to play Numenera
  • Everything had to create characters in a step by step process
  • A number of concepts that let gamers to create the characters they desire
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