Octopus!: The Most Mysterious Creature in the Sea

Octopus!: The Most Mysterious Creature in the Sea

Katherine Harmon Courage

“A friendly, chatty e-book on a fascinating subject.” — Kirkus Reviews

Octopuses were alluring people for as lengthy as we've been catching them. Yet for all of our old fascination and modern research, we nonetheless haven't been capable of get a firm snatch on those enigmatic creatures.

Katherine Harmon braveness dives into the mystifying underwater global of the octopus and experiences on her study round the world. She unearths, for example, that the oldest known octopus lived earlier than the 1st dinosaurs; that two thirds of an octopus’s mind capability is spread all through its fingers, that means each literally has a brain of its personal; and that it can swap colours inside of milliseconds to camouflage itself, but seems to be colorblind.

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