On Aristotle Physics 4.10-14 (Ancient Commentators on Aristotle)

On Aristotle Physics 4.10-14 (Ancient Commentators on Aristotle)


Philoponus' observation at the final a part of Aristotle's Physics booklet four doesn't supply significant choices to Aristotle's technology, as did his statement at the prior elements, bearing on position, vacuum and movement in a vacuum. Aristotle's topic this is time, and his therapy of it had resulted in controversy in past writers. Philoponus does supply novelties whilst he treats movement around a bend as in a single feel speedier than movement at the directly over an analogous distance within the comparable time, end result of the have to think of the better attempt concerned. And he issues out that during an past remark on booklet eight he had argued opposed to Aristotle for the potential for a final speedy of time.

This quantity includes an English translation of Philoponus' remark, in addition to an in depth advent, huge explanatory notes and a bibliography.

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