On the Human Condition (Thinking in Action)

On the Human Condition (Thinking in Action)

Dominique Janicaud

the aptitude to clone, increase, and service people is pushing the very inspiration of the human to its restrict. Fantasies and metaphors of a supposedly big and inhuman destiny more and more dominate movies, paintings and pop culture. On the Human Condition is an invigorating and interesting exploration of the place the belief of the human stands this day. Given the wear and tear people have inflicted on one another and their setting all through historical past, should still we embody humanism or try to conquer it?

Dominique Janicaud explores those pressing questions and extra. He argues that when we have to steer clear of apocalyptic speak of a submit human situation, as embodied in know-how equivalent to cloning, we should always neither fall again on a conservative humanism nor turn into technophobic. Drawing on illuminating examples reminiscent of genetic engineering, the radical Frankenstein, the mythical debate among Sartre and Heidegger over humanism, and the paintings of Primo Levi, Domnique Janicaud additionally explores the function of myth in figuring out the human situation and asks the place the road lies among the human, inhuman and the superhuman.

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