On the Merits of Unnaturalness (The Bone Season)

On the Merits of Unnaturalness (The Bone Season)

Be conscious, my stable Reader, that this Pamphlet, regardless of how arguable its content material, must not ever fall into enemy Hands.

The most vital piece of clairvoyant literature written within the twenty-first century, On the advantages of Unnaturalness is a pamphlet first released anonymously in 2031 via Jaxon corridor, the voyant who might later turn into the mime-lord referred to as the White Binder.

Hall was once the 1st to index either recognized and intended kinds of Unnaturalness, leading to the category of the Seven Orders. This arguable piece of literature unfold around the voyant underworld like a pandemic, revolutionising the syndicate but in addition growing discord within the type of brutal gang wars among the newly divided different types, the scars of that can nonetheless be noticeable today.

Revelatory and subversive, On the benefits of Unnaturalness is a must-read for any reader with a wish to additional immerse themselves within the exceptional global of Samantha Shannon's The Bone Season.

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