One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America's Future

One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America's Future

Dear Reader, 

In February 2013 I gave a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. status a few ft from President Obama, I warned my fellow electorate of the risks facing our kingdom and referred to as for a go back to the rules that made the US great.

Many american citizens heard and answered, yet our nation’s decline has persisted. this day the risk is greater than ever prior to, and i've by no means shared a more pressing message than I do now.

Our becoming debt and deteriorating morals have pushed us faraway from the founders’ intent. We’ve made little or no development in simple education. Obamacare threatens our overall healthiness, liberty, and financial future. Media elitism and political correctness are out of control.

Worst of all, we appear to have misplaced our ability to speak about very important matters frivolously and respectfully regardless of social gathering association or different differences. As a physician instead of a political candidate, I care about what works, no longer no matter if an individual has an (R) or a (D) after his or her identify. we need to come together to remedy our problems.

Knowing that the way forward for my grandchildren is in jeopardy due to reckless spending, godless government, and mean-spirited makes an attempt to silence critics left me no selection yet to put in writing this book. i've got endeavored to suggest a street out of our decline, beautiful to each American’s decency and universal sense.

If each one people sits again and expects somebody else to take motion, it's going to quickly be too past due. yet with your help, I firmly think that the United States may possibly as soon as again be “one country less than God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


Ben Carson

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