Other (Childe Cycle, Book 11)

Other (Childe Cycle, Book 11)

Gordon R. Dickson

Bleys Ahrens is now a political strength on this planet organization, domestic of the Friendlies. His people--his Others, no longer Dorsai or pleasant or unique, yet hybrids--are in position on all of the new worlds, and are able to take his message to the higher human public.

But inside his internal circle is Henry McLean, Soldier of God, and a real Faith-Holder. Henry fears for the soul of his nephew Bleys, and whereas he guards, he additionally watches, and judges.

And past Bleys Ahrens' keep an eye on is Hal Mayne: the only guy in the entire human worlds who could effectively problem Bleys in his bid for energy. For Hal Mayne is the genuine end result of the Cycle's grand layout. Bleys may provide whatever to transform Hal Mayne to his cause--or failing that, to wreck him.

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