Our Friends from Frolix 8

Our Friends from Frolix 8

Philip K. Dick

This satirical event from Philip ok. Dick bargains with problems with strength, classification, and politics, set in a global governed by way of big-brained elites.


In Our acquaintances from Frolix 8, the area is administered via an elite few. And what determines no matter if one is a part of the elite isn’t wealth or privilege, yet brains. As little ones, each citizen of Earth is demonstrated; a few are discovered to be super-smart New males and a few are Unusuals, with quite a few psychic powers. The overwhelming majority are Undermen, appearing menial jobs in an overpopulated world.

Nick Appleton is an Underman, content material to compliment the move and eke out an lifestyles as a tire regroover. yet after his son is classed as an Underman, Appleton starts to question the hierarchy. Strengthening his unravel, and energizing the resistance circulation, is information that the good resistance chief Thors Provoni is getting back from a visit to the furthest reaches of area. And he’s introduced aid: a tremendous, indestructible alien.

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