Our Last Best Hope: An RPG to Save the World (second printing)

Our Last Best Hope: An RPG to Save the World (second printing)

Mark Diaz Truman

Our final top desire is tabletop roleplaying online game for 3 (3) to 5 (5) gamers that takes approximately hours to play. in the course of the online game, you and your pals will play via a vintage catastrophe motion picture, like Sunshine, Deep impression, The middle, or Armageddon, the place your characters are the celebrities. each one online game is exclusive, as your team confronts a brand new obstacle with a brand new set of characters and a brand new plan to avoid wasting the Earth.

While enjoying Our final top wish, you might:

...launch into house to forestall a meteor from destroying all lifestyles on Earth.

...drill to the heart of the Earth to restart its molten core.

...navigate zombie stuffed towns to forestall a nuclear holocaust.

Regardless of the drawback, you, and your staff, are our final most sensible hope.

Our final top wish doesn't require a GM, neither is there any preptime required prior to the sport starts off. encouraged by way of roleplaying classics like Fiasco and Polaris, Our final top wish is designed to be performed as a one-shot epic online game that would go away your gaming team with remarkable tales.

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