Outsider in Amsterdam (Amsterdam Cops)

Outsider in Amsterdam (Amsterdam Cops)

The first Amsterdam police officers mystery

On a quiet road in downtown Amsterdam, a guy is located putting from the ceiling beam of his bed room, upstairs from the hot spiritual society he based: a bunch that calls itself “Hindist” and supposedly mixes parts of assorted jap traditions. Detective-Adjutant Gripstra and Sergeant de Gier of the Amsterdam police are despatched to enquire what seems like an easy suicide, yet they're instantly suspicious of the circumstances.

This now-classic novel, first released in 1975, introduces Janwillem van de Wetering’s lovely Amsterdam cop duo of portly, clever Gripstra and good-looking, contemplative de Gier. With its unvarnished depiction of the legacy of Dutch colonialism and the darker features of Amsterdam’s unfastened drug tradition, this glorious procedural asks the query of even if a homicide might ever be justly dedicated.

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