Oxymoronica: Paradoxical Wit & Wisdom From History's Greatest Wordsmiths

Oxymoronica: Paradoxical Wit & Wisdom From History's Greatest Wordsmiths

Mardy Grothe

ox-y-mor-on-i-ca (OK-se-mor-ON-uh-ca) noun, plural: Any number of tantalizing, self-contradictory statements or observations that at the floor seem fake or illogical, yet at a deeper point are precise, frequently profoundly real. See additionally oxymoron, paradox.


"Melancholy is the excitement of being sad."
Victor Hugo

"To lead the folks, stroll at the back of them."

"You'd be shocked how a lot it coststo glance this cheap."
Dolly Parton

You will not locate the observe "oxymoronica" in any dictionary (at least no longer but) simply because Dr. Mardy Grothe introduces it to readers during this pleasant choice of 1,400 of the main provocative quotations of all time. From historic thinkers like Confucius, Aristotle, and Saint Augustine to nice writers like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and G. B. Shaw to fashionable social observers like Woody Allen and Lily Tomlin, Oxymoronica celebrates the ability and wonder of paradoxical pondering. All parts of human task are explored, together with love, intercourse and romance, politics, the humanities, the literary lifestyles, and, after all, marriage and relatives lifestyles. The clever and witty observations during this ebook are as hugely pleasing as they're intellectually nourishing and are absolute to seize the eye of language fans everywhere.

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