Packing Up for Paradise: Selected Poems 1946-1996

Packing Up for Paradise: Selected Poems 1946-1996

James Broughton

This selection of poetry showcases the paintings of "the heartiest and so much enthusiastic celebrant on the grounds that Whitman" (Jim Cory). especially, James Broughton delights in pleasures of physique and soul - yet probably particularly these of the physique - with wit and grace.

As Rain Taxi writes, "Broughton's is a poetry of revelation, now not obfuscation. . . . every one poem is a party and a choice to offset the putrefaction of complacency with a bit devilishness."

Fifty years of poetry is right here distilled into one fats quantity by means of the West Coast filmmaker most sensible recognized for the avant-garde vintage Loony Tom (1951). Wildly indiscriminate, Broughton clings to a grab-bag mysticism all through his profession, and, like his mentor, Blake, he celebrates innocence in childlike ditties and develops a self-referential mythology thats now and then impenetrable. intentionally archaic, and entire of sing-song repetition, Broughtons fractured nursery rhymes and road jingles are, at top, the fascinating ephemera of a self-described amorist who later publicizes, i'm Polly Morphus, as though we didnt comprehend, what with never-ending verse extolling Nipples and Cocks, the fun of fellatio, and all his different pagan appetites (including a professional ode to the phallus). yet Broughtons boho goofiness, whereas fascinating in his early paintings, devolves into regular hippie grooviness (Nourish your bliss). A Whitmanesque catalogue of scenes from outdated L.A. (I bear in mind l. a.) stands proud one of the reams of self-indulgent and facile doggerel.

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