Pagan Time: An American Childhood

Pagan Time: An American Childhood

Micah Perks

With little greater than a run-down Jeep and their infant child in tow, writer Micah Perks' mom and dad set out in 1963 to construct a college and a utopian neighborhood within the mountains. the varsity could develop into referred to as a spot to ship adolescents with drug addictions and emotional difficulties, young ones with whom Micah and her sister may develop up.

This complicated memoir mixes a relocating occasion of the utopian spirit and its wish for neighborhood and freedom with a lacerating critique of the results of these wishes — specifically for the youngsters concerned. How may possibly the crusade for an ideal domestic and relatives create such confusion and destruction? The '60s, for plenty of, turned a laboratory of desire and chaos, as younger idealists validated the bounds of possibility.

Micah Perks has solid her unflinching and designated eye on her personal historical past and has illuminated not just these years of her adolescence, yet a wide-open second that marked our tradition for all time.

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