Pagan's Crusade (Pagan Chronicles, Book 1)

Pagan's Crusade (Pagan Chronicles, Book 1)

Catherine Jinks

Wham! So the following i'm, status in a sea of airborne dirt and dust, with a major mad Templar lobbing rocks at my head. Wham! Like a few type of martyr. Wham! He throws like a catapult.

'All correct, Pagan, that's enough.' (I should still rattling good imagine so.) 'Do you spot what your challenge is?'

Wait - don't inform me. You are.

It's twelfth-century Jerusalem, the time of the Crusades. intelligent and scrappy Pagan has been plucked from the streets to paintings for Lord Roland, a Templar knight. Set opposed to a heritage of mounting rigidity as Saladin's infidels shut in at the Holy urban, Pagan's campaign is an exhilarating and exuberant story of medieval experience.

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