Peasant Wars of the Twentieth Century

Peasant Wars of the Twentieth Century

Eric R. Wolf

"[Peasant Wars of the 20th Century] offers a very good brief path within the significant well known revolutions of our century—in Russia, Mexico, China, Algeria, Cuba, and Viet Nam—not from the point of view of governments or events or leaders, yet from the viewpoint of the peasant peoples whose lives and methods of residing have been destroyed via the depredations of the imperial powers, together with American imperial power."—New York occasions ebook Review

"Eric Wolf's learn of the six nice peasant-based revolutions of the century demonstrates a mastery of his box and the tools required to barter it that conjures up recognize and admiration. In six crisp essays, and an excellent end, he extends our knowing of the character of peasant reactions to social switch considerably by way of his ability in separating and reading these elements, which, via a magnification of the anthropologist's ideas, will be proven to be an important in linking neighborhood grievances and protest to bigger pursuits of political transformation."—American Political technology Review

“An highbrow journey de force."—Comparative Politics

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