Performance Modeling and Design of Computer Systems: Queueing Theory in Action

Performance Modeling and Design of Computer Systems: Queueing Theory in Action

Mor Harchol-Balter

desktops layout is filled with conundrums:

•Given a call among a unmarried computing device with velocity s, or n machines each one with pace s/n, which should still we choose?

•If either the arriving cost and repair fee double, will the suggest reaction time remain the same?

•Should structures relatively target to stability load, or is that this a handy delusion?
•If a scheduling coverage favors one set of jobs, does it inevitably damage another jobs, or are those "conservation legislation" being misinterpreted?

•Do grasping, shortest-delay, routing innovations make feel in a server farm, or is what is stable for the person disastrous for the approach as a whole?

•How do excessive task measurement variability and heavy-tailed workloads have an effect on the alternative of a scheduling policy?

•How may still one exchange off power and hold up in designing a working laptop or computer system?

•If 12 servers are had to meet hold up promises while the coming fee is nine jobs/sec, can we want 12,000 servers while the arriving cost is 9,000 jobs/sec?

Tackling the questions that structures designers care approximately, this booklet brings queueing idea decisively again to desktop technology. The publication is written with machine scientists and engineers in brain and is filled with examples from desktops, in addition to production and operations study. enjoyable and readable, the e-book is extremely approachable, even for undergraduates, whereas nonetheless being completely rigorous and in addition overlaying a wider span of issues than many queueing books. Readers take advantage of a full of life mixture of motivation and instinct, with illustrations, examples, and greater than three hundred routines - all whereas buying the abilities had to version, study, and layout large-scale platforms with stable functionality and coffee rate. The workouts are a tremendous function, educating research-level counterintuitive classes within the layout of computers. The objective is to coach readers not just to customise present analyses but additionally to invent their very own.

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