Phantoms on the Bookshelves

Phantoms on the Bookshelves

Jacques Bonnet

The captivating memoir at the paintings of residing with books Phantoms at the Bookshelves considers how our own libraries show our actual natures: way over only crowded cabinets, they're dwelling labyrinths of our innermost feelings.

the writer, a lifelong accumulator of books old and sleek, lives in a home big enough to house his many hundreds of thousands of volumes, in addition to overspill from the libraries of his neighbors. whereas his musings at the conduct of creditors from the earliest identified libraries are discovered, a laugh, and instructive, his suggestion on cataloguing can even retailer lives. Phantoms at the Bookshelves levels from classical Greece to modern Iceland, from Balzac to Moby-Dick and Google. wealthy in wit and knowledge, it is going to be an enduring satisfaction for all who treasure books.

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