Phenomenology and cognitive science

Phenomenology and cognitive science

Matjaž Potrč

Potrč, Majaž. Phenomenology and cognitive science - Dettelbach : Roll, 1993 (Acta analytica ; nine) ISBN 3-927522-31-7 ISSN 0353-5150
® 1993 Verlag Josef H. Roll, Dettelbach

The writer approximately his book: "This is a set of papers whose material is phenomenology and cognitive technological know-how. In searching for out what those phrases suggest, i've got progressively outfitted up my very own thought, and the results of this quest is gifted right here. No test has been made to prevent the strains of my non-stop being affected by the problem".

TABLE OF CONTENTS. Acknowledgements 7 – I. Phenomenology and Cognitive Science: 1. Phenomenology and Cognitive technology eight – II Ontology and Intentionality: 2. Brentanian Ontology Naturalized and Externalized: 24 – three. Why Miklogiö is critical for Brentano? : 38 – four. Grades of Intentionality: forty-one – five. Intentional Relation forty nine – III. The Sensory and France Veber: 6. The Sensory fifty six – 7. The Sensory foundation of content material in Veber seventy eight – eight. Veber's Internalism and Externalism one hundred and five – IV. strategies and customary Sense: nine. elements, recommendations and different types 118 – 10. Conceptual Coherence one hundred thirty – eleven. folks Psychology Naturalized 139 – V. Husserl and Heidegger: 12. Phenomenology, natural cohesion and Husserl Ecologized: 162 – thirteen. Heidegger, Intentionality and mind 197 – 14. Literature 208 – precis: 214.

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