Pink Vodka Blues

Pink Vodka Blues

Neal Barrett Jr.

Russell Murray is the editor of a literary journal in Chicago. He beverages method an excessive amount of. And he's in great difficulty while he wakes up in a lodge room with a gorgeous girl previous to males come into the room and kill her. they fight to kill Murray, too, yet he will get away. issues by no means decelerate after that.

Wanted for homicide, Murray lands up in a detox heart in Wisconsin. He escapes besides a stunning redhead named Sherry Lou Wynn. one among his many difficulties is that he has no reminiscence of the place he's been or what he's performed. He and Sherry Lou try and remain alive whereas being pursued round the state by way of homicidal goons, together with the murderous Wacker twins and a blue-haired, tennis-shoe donning granny with an Uzi. Bones Pinelli wishes his briefcase again, via golly, and he doesn't care who dies so long as he will get it.

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