Plainwater: Essays and Poetry

Plainwater: Essays and Poetry

Anne Carson

The poetry and prose gathered in Plainwater are a testomony to the extreme mind's eye of Anne Carson, a author defined by means of Michael Ondaatje as "the most fun poet writing in English today." Succinct and astonishingly attractive, those items stretch the limits of language and literary shape, whereas juxtaposing classical and smooth traditions.

Carson envisions a present-day interview with a seventh-century BC poet, and provides miniature lectures on subject matters as different as orchids and Ovid. She imagines the foundation of a fifteenth-century painter attending a phenomenology convention in Italy. She constructs verbal pictures of a chain of mysterious cities, and takes us on a pilgrimage in pursuit of the elusive and intimate anthropology of water. mixing the rhythm and shiny metaphor of poetry with the discursive nature of the essay, the writings in Plainwater dazzle us with their invention and enlighten us with their erudition.

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