Plato's Revenge: Politics in the Age of Ecology

Plato's Revenge: Politics in the Age of Ecology

William Ophuls

In this provocative demand a brand new ecological politics, William Ophuls begins from a thorough premise: "sustainability" is most unlikely. we're on an business Titanic, fueled by way of swiftly depleting shares of fossil hydrocarbons. Making the deck chairs from recyclable fabrics and feeding the boilers with biofuels is futile. in any case, the send is doomed via the legislation of thermodynamics and through the implacable organic and geological limits which are already commencing to pinch. Ophuls warns us that we're headed for a postindustrial destiny that, notwithstanding technologically refined, will resemble the preindustrial prior in lots of vital respects. With Plato's Revenge, Ophuls, writer of Ecology and the Politics of Scarcity, envisions political and social modifications that might result in a brand new natural-law politics in line with the realities of ecology, physics, and psychology.

In a dialogue that levels greatly -- from ecology to quantum physics to Jungian psychology to japanese faith to Western political philosophy -- Ophuls argues for an basically Platonic politics of attention devoted to internal cultivation instead of outward growth and the pursuit of perpetual development. we'd then in achieving a life-style that's materially and institutionally easy yet culturally and spiritually wealthy, one within which humanity prospers in concord with nature.

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