Pleasure Bound: Victorian Sex Rebels and the New Eroticism

Pleasure Bound: Victorian Sex Rebels and the New Eroticism

Deborah Lutz

A clever, provocative account of the erotic present working simply underneath the outside of a stuffy and stifling Victorian London.

on the peak of the Victorian period, a bold crew of artists and thinkers defied the reigning obsession with propriety, trying out the bounds of sexual decorum of their lives and of their paintings. Dante Gabriel Rossetti exhumed his useless spouse to pry his simply reproduction of a manuscript of his poems from her coffin. mythical explorer Richard Burton wrote how-to manuals on intercourse positions and livened up the drawing room with tales of eroticism within the heart East. Algernon Charles Swinburne visited flagellation brothels and wrote pornography amid his poetry. by way of embracing and exploring the taboo, those iconoclasts produced the most pleasing artwork, literature, and concepts in their day.

As thought-provoking because it is electrical, Pleasure Bound finds the needs of the lads and ladies who challenged buttoned-up Victorian mores to advertise erotic freedom. those bohemians shaped loosely overlapping societies―the Cannibal membership and the Aesthetes―to discover their fascinations with sexual taboo, from homosexuality to the eroticization of loss of life. often called a lot for his or her flamboyant own lives as for his or her arguable masterpieces, they created a scandal-provoking counterculture that cleared the path for such later figures as Gustav Klimt, Virginia Woolf, and Jean Genet.

during this beautiful exposé of the Victorian London we notion we knew, Deborah Lutz takes us past the eyebrow-raising practices of those intercourse rebels, revealing how they exposed problems that ran underneath the outside of the bigger social cloth: the fight for women’s emancipation, the dissolution of formal religions, and the urgent want for brand spanking new varieties of sexual expression. eight pages four-color and five black-and-white illustrations

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